Bronze Membership: Drop-in


GOLD (Unlimited Small Group Training Monthly Plan) & Personal Training Clients

$99 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

Welcome to the PantherNation! Your GOLD Membership gives you access to all of the public small group training sessions, virtual sessions, discounted FitTrips and FoodieFitTrips and access to the BLOG, Training videos and much more.

Use your unlimited monthly membership to attend as many training sessions as you can handle.

Membership Acceptions: Nutrition Coaching, Special Populations (Senior Fitness, Youth Fitness, Pre-Post Natal Fitness, Sports Strength & Conditioning, special CLINICS  (Tactical training) and FitTrips that require a participation / ticket fee.

SILVER (Limited Monthly Membership)

$69 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

Welcome to the PantherNation!
Your SILVER Membership gives you access to FOUR small group personal training sessions each month.

You will be able to take advantage of all FitTrip and FoodieFitTrip discounts so you can JOIN the outdoor workouts!



Welcome B1B Members!
You are about to embark on a full -fledged functional fitness journey.

Your membership allows you to attend all SBT (Small Group Training) sessions and Fit Trips listed as "B1B".

Be sure to REGISTER for the sessions you plan to attend (up to four) per week.

Open the training sessions and be sure to READ specific instructions!!


See you outside!

B1B LEADER (Black 1st Brigade)

$650 - Billed Every Week until cancelled

Black 1st Brigade or abbreviated as B1B is a private health, wellness and fitness group.

You must be a member of this organization to have access to multiple small group, functional fitness, FITTRIPS and special clinics instructed by Panther Training and our vetted partners.

Each member will have an individual membership (B1B- GOLD) account and will need to complete the mandatory Liability Waiver and membership information.  

Small Group Training (SGT) B1B Group:  
Thursday-  6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Sunday- 8:300 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. - (Alternating locations: 87th & Dan Ryan Woods & 31st Street Beach/ Marina Park, south on Lakefront walkway)
*One Special training

UPDATE:  Negotiated FITTRIPS /month
Scheduled on weekend dates

FITTRIPS that have additional entry or equipment fees will have an additional fee.

Registration for the FITTRIPS is required due to the limited number of participants we can accommodate.

Training sessions require you to wear OUTDOOR workout/play clothes and shoes. Bring: water, workout gloves, sunscreen and bug spray.

If you need to bring any additional equipment, you will be notified via SLACK group and it will be detailed in the class description.  

Please be on time and if you need to cancel your spot; please contact Claudia G.

We are honored and excited to be a part of your fitness transformation!!

Jose & Claudia Gunter, Panther Training

SGT Boot Camp Punch Card

$40.00 / 5 Pack

Outdoor Boot Camps held SUNDAY mornings @ 7:00 a.m.

B1B (Black 1st Brigade)

$60.00 / 4 Pack

4- Small Group Training Sessions per week:

*Thurs. - 6pm- Kettlebells
*Fri. -6pm- Functional Training (Mix-it-Up)
*Sun. -8am- Functional / Tactical Bootcamp

*Floating coaching session: Workouts, Nutrition,
Q & A, and/or (1) cheduled make-up training date 

4- PK (30 mins.) PT

$140.00 / 4 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter, Jose Gunter
4 - 30 mins. sessions

4- PK of (50 mins.) PT

$165.00 / 3 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter
This is a customized package of 4- 55 mins. sessions that can be used to do: personal fitness, nutrition coaching, behavior modification techniques for healthy prenatal and postnatal care. 

6-PK (30 mins.)

$180.00 / 6 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter, Jose Gunter
This package guarantees 30 mins of intense workouts varying between: low impact, high impact, strength, cardio and flexibility.
Client must have: gloves, mat and resistance bands. Sessions will include kettlebells, weighted ropes, TRX & BOSU.
Fee includes transportation expenses paid for the trainer. 

Plant-based Nutrition, Weight loss and Behavior Modification Coaching

$220.00 / 4 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter
Looking to learn how to plan, prep and cook with plant-based products?  Do you need suggestions for DELICIOUS "Meat-free Mondays"?

This coaching session will start you on your pathway to understanding vegetarian and vegan nutrition.

I have been a vegan for over 25 years and I have PLENTY to share when it comes to cooking meals, snacks and desserts.  The KEY is in the seasoning, spices and preparation.

It's not as hard as you think....but you do need to put some thought into your menus!

CPAT- 4pk

$220.00 / 4 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter, Jose Gunter
Four sessions of PREP work for passing the CPAT
This package is best suited for the candidate who has taken the CPAT (more than once) and has not passed due to technique, stamina or endurance.

4- PK (50 mins.) PT

$220.00 / 4 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter, Jose Gunter
4- 50 mins. sessions

8- PK PT

$240.00 / 8 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter, Jose Gunter
8 (30 mins.) PT sessions
Must be used within 30 days
Exception is 45 with acknowledgment of personal trainer. 

6- PK (50 mins.) PT

$300.00 / 6 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter, Jose Gunter
Six sessions (6-Pk) is discounted to $50/50 mins.
This is a discount of $1.00/ minute
Hourly fee also includes transportation costs for the trainer.
Client will need to have the following basics: gloves, mat, resistance bands 

CPAT (60 mins.) 6 PK

$330.00 / 6 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter, Jose Gunter
6- 60 mins. sessions

8 PK (50 mins.) PT

$360.00 / 8 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter, Jose Gunter
8 (50 mins.) PT sessions

CPAT - 4 PK (90 mins).

$360.00 / 4 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter, Jose Gunter
For the CPAT candidate that needs STRENGTH & ENDURANCE training.

This training is for you if:
  • you have never taken the test and need to be trained and tutored on how to PASS.
  • you have taken the test and "timed-out" or your techniques were disqualified. 
  • you have taken the test (multiple times) and did not pass.
The 90 minuted sessions will consist of SPECIFIC TRAINING METHODS that will DRASTICALLY improve your physical strength and endurance.  We will be incorporating ALL THINGS CPAT related to PACE & PROCESS.

CPAT (60 mins.) 8 PK

$400.00 / 8 Pack

with Staff: Claudia Gunter, Jose Gunter
8- 60 mins. sessions